Fluoride Varnish

Why should children have fluoride varnish?

  • Fluoride varnish reduces tooth decay in children and adults
  • It helps to repair teeth which have started to decay and will stop decay starting in other teeth
  • The varnish should be applied at least twice a year
  • Applying the varnish is a very simple procedure, it takes just a few minutes and doesn’t hurt at all
  • Some people think the varnish tastes a little bit like bananas
  • A yellow tint is left on teeth for a few days
  • To control decay you will still need to keep foods and drinks that contain sugar for mealtimes only and brush twice daily with a family fluoride toothpaste

What should patients do if they are to have flouride varnish?

  • Anyone who has been in hospital because of asthma should not have fluoride varnish
  • Anyone who has an allergy to colophony should not have fluoride varnish
  • Patients should eat and drink as normal before the appointment
  • The application is very quick and simple
  • The varnish is coloured and will leave a tint on teeth for a day or so
  • After the application patients should not eat, drink, brush their teeth or rinse for 30 minutes
  • Patients should not eat hard foods for 4 hours after application

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