Oral Surgery

We have a resident specialist oral surgeon atThe Dental Practice. Our team are fully equipped to accept referrals for a wide range of oral surgical procedures.These procedures can be undertaken under local anaesthetic or if necessary with sedation.

We accept referrals from medical and dental practitioners for all patients who may require minor oral surgical procedures as part of their dental treatment. This may include the following:

Applicable to patients over 13 years of age.

1 Dental Extractions
Difficult Extractions
Retained Roots
Incomplete Extractions
Third Molar Removal
Orthodontic Extractions
2 Frenectomy (Maxillary)
3 Simple exposure of un-erupted teeth
4 Endodontic surgery incisors to second premolars (with/without Retrograde Filling)
5 Intravenous sedation for difficult extractions
6 Intravenous sedation for difficult general dentistry cases
7 Simple pre-prosthetic surgery
8 Problem cases requiring minor oral surgery
9 Medically compromised patients (with GP and/or Local Hospital)
10 Superficial salivary stones
11 Incisional/excisional intra-oral biopsies (with Manchester Dental Hospital)
12 Oral medicine cases with Manchester Dental Hospital

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Oral Surgery – Bone Changes after Extraction

Oral Surgery – Wisdom Teeth

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