Private Fees

In association with Chrysalis Medical Finance, we are able to provide 0% finance packages for many of our treatments.

Our fees are based on recommendations from the Dental Professionals Association (DPA) which provides an annual fee guide for members.

A sample of our more common fees can is shown below. Note that many more treatments are available, you can get more information on these by contacting us.

All figures given in the table below are in Great British Pounds (£) / Pounds (£) Sterling.

POA = Price on Application.

Diagnosis Endodontics
Routine examination 30 Incisor/Canine 120
New patient examination 40 Upper Premolar 150
Emergency fee 45 Lower premolar 120
Small X-Rays (each) 10 Molar 200
Panoral / OPG 30 Upper first molar POA
Study Casts 30
Periodontal Hygienist
Fixture seal quadrant 30 Routine visit inc. S&P 40
Splint loose tooth 60 Scaling under LA 45
Sports guard 60 2 visits scaling 65
Full mouth detoxification POA
Cosmetic Extractions
In-surgery whitening POA Planned extraction 60
Home whitening (2 arches) 250 Unplanned/Difficult extraction 100
In-surgery whitening 300
Combination whitening 350
Restorations Other Oral Surgery
Amalgam small POA Fee per hour
(eg. Preprosthetic surgery)
Amalgam large POA Apicectomy From 150
Composite small 50
Composite medium 65 Dentures
Composite large 95 Acrylic one full 350
Acrylic one partial 280
Sedation Acrylic upper and lower full 650
Assessment 50 Co-Cr one partial 500
Fees (per hour) 130 Reline hard 80
Crown and Bridge Implants
Gold crown (60%) 380 Assessment inc. wax-up 180
Porcelain bonded crown 325 Placement + healing cap and crown
(Bone grafting extra)
All ceramic e.g. Procera 385
Lab P&C (Post and core) 75 General
P&C made in surgery 55 Recalled attendance
Gold inlay POA Written report 60
Porcelain veneer 250 Domiciliary visit 65
Bridge (3-unit APA) 720 CEREC single visit restorations
Recement crown 45 Inlays/Onlays 250
Crowns 320


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